I don’t usually post reviews; however, because this travel experience was so exceptional and the level of service provided was so good – I am going to post this review. I got my first German passport, grateful guys…

Adorjan / Germany

Thanks for being the best immigration agent. It’s great working with you, even though the time frame wasn’t on time… Thanks to your Team

Pietro / Spain

We had yet another incredible travel at the United Kingdom at this time. Thanks to your passport 

Muhammad / United Kingdom

I find this passport was well worth the money in the end. It arrived just a few days after I paid for it, and it looked so authentic that it even surprised me.. This is soo good, great guys..

Olivia / Sweden


Omar / Switzerland

Buying a fake passport online was the best decision I ever made. It not only saved the travel to Canada I’d been waiting a lifetime to take, but it also saved me from having to go through the endless process of getting a new passport from the government. More than happy and grateful

Matinez / Canada

The California ID looks so authentic and had me pass all control, thanks man…

Benicia / United States

Slow at first but literally got the best of Drivers License…You guys are great.. 

Matilda / Australia

Yeeeehhh!!! I am now a Finland Citizen.. Thank you so much famiy

Jacinda / Finland

Just wanted to say many thanks for helping me set up an amazing new identification card and passport! All of the documents are perfect for traveling and tour..

Louic / Belgium

We have much fond memories here in Paris and can’t thank you enough!

Nathan / France

Everything went very fast. No waiting time. The person who served us was friendly and efficient.

Demaro / Australia